September 24, 2018
Giroux Glass inspects glass in China plant

Trip to Beijing and Beyond

Over Labor Day weekend, I spent an interesting week traveling for the first time to China! I set off with a colleague, our vice-president of business relations, Bob Burkhammer, and my buddy, Chris, who also works in the industry. Our goal was to get ourselves to our glass manufacturing plant, a few hours outside of Beijing, to inspect the quality of several huge lites of glass, before they’re loaded onto a container and start to float their way to the US. We wanted to be sure that the quality was perfect before they hit the high seas for 6 weeks, [...]
May 3, 2018

May the 4th Be With You

“May the 4th be with you.” What started as pun warmly shared by fans has become a full-fledged Star Wars holiday: Star Wars Day, a special annual celebration of the galaxy far, far away. To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to share about some behind-the-scenes construction of The Void’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, an immersive, location-based virtual reality experience at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA which places visitors inside the Star Wars universe. Late last year, Giroux Glass was called in to furnish and install an exterior curtain wall system, exterior automatic all-glass sliding door system, and entrance glazing at this particular location [...]
April 26, 2018
Papyrus at Westfield Century City. Giroux Glass with DDC Group Inc./Ni Designs

Inspiring Creativity at Papyrus, Century City

If you’ve visited Westfield Century City recently (formerly known as the Century Square Shopping Center), it’s very likely that you’ve seen some of Giroux Glass’ handiwork as you explored the gorgeous, newly-updated outdoor mall. Our latest post describing our work at the mall detailed construction of the expansive, three-level Nordstrom flagship store, completed by our Commercial team. This time, our High-End Design department partnered with DDC Group, Inc. (general contractor) to bring the visions of Ni Design to life at the new Papyrus store, just around the corner from the Nordstrom E-Bar. My team’s task at Papyrus was to procure and [...]