A Week in the (Work) Life of CEO/president Nataline Lomedico

August 6th to the 10th, I spent a really nice week of visiting our different offices and job sites and it reminded me why I love working with our team at Giroux. There is so much talent at all of our Giroux Glass locations.  This week in particular was a whirlwind tour.  Over the years, I’ve been consistently impressed by how prepared for visitors are our on-site crews are when random visitors appear. It is a testament to their training, professionalism and passion, and this visit was not an exception. Every single team member was equipped, knowledgeable, safe, polite.  It makes me proud to know that’s probably why Giroux Glass is asked again and again by our wonderful clients to estimate and work on so many different projects. Visitors are the usually the bane of workers in the field, but our teams in each location were  helpful and very knowledgeable.

Here’s a short list of how I prepare for such visits:
—  Compile a list of my field contacts (phone numbers too, in case I can’t find the trailer).
—  I make sure to acquaint myself with the project and our work scope.
— I adjust the fit of my safety equipment,  and make sure I bring along close-toed boots or shoes. It’s always easier and best to bring my own hard hat, safety glasses and vest.  If loaner equipment is missing or unusable – I am not allowed to tour the project; period, no exception.
—  I also always carry a bottle of water (or two) and a wet-nap. Very often, there is no water available.
— And as crazy as this sounds, I usually go to the bathroom before I leave.  I never know what kind of facilities I’ll encounter, although sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find flushing toilets and even paper towels!

On to the tours: