Giroux Glass Reaches #19 Slot of Top 50 US Glaziers, per Glass Magazine

The new issue of Glass Magazine is out, and we are excited to see that among all glazing companies in the U.S., Giroux Glass earned the placement of 19th on the list, after a 13.8-percent increase in sales since 2015. Often used as an industry reference, this “Top 50” list, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is compiled annually by the National Glass Association, publisher of Glass Magazine and, and can be viewed here.

The special anniversary report takes a closer look at where the industry has been, how it’s changed and where it’s headed. Last year marked the third consecutive year of robust growth for U.S. glazing contractors, according to the magazine. Seventy-four percent of the “Top 50” glaziers reported year-over-year growth from 2015 to 2016, and combined sales for all listed companies reached $3.79 billion.

Of all the organizations recognized, Giroux Glass is honored to hold the cherished status as one of just four companies who have been recognized for at least 24 of the past 25 years. Giroux, a place-holder since 1993, is therefore considered a Glass Magazine “Legacy Company.” We’ve been honored and congratulated with an article in the issue which features Giroux’s reputation of “tackling the custom and complex in Los Angeles and beyond.”

It’s commonly known in the industry and within Giroux Glass that its chief executive officer and president, Nataline Lomedico, is committed to furthering the company’s reputation and status as one of the nation’s most successful glazing contractors, through her commitment to cutting-edge technology, top-quality service, customer satisfaction and nurturing Giroux’s strong culture of ownership. “When I think about how we are able to carry on the company legacy, and to continue to grow the company, many reasons come to mind. Our focus has never just been about being the biggest. It has always been about being the best; the best glazing company providing the best quality work, the best employer, the best customer, the best subcontractor, and the best contributor to our communities by supporting the families of our communities.”

With offices in Las Vegas and Fresno, a fabrication plant in San Bernardino, and headquarters in Los Angeles, the company reach is indeed spreading. The goal here at Giroux Glass, however, is to not only sustain success into the future, but as an ESOP company, to the benefit the employees as well. The corporate goal is to become over 90% employee-owned this June.

In addition to strengthening our ESOP through employee ownership, the company has recently invested in a new PanelBuilder AXYZ Model 5018 system. “It represents one more impressive piece of CNC equipment for fabricating aluminum composite and metal composite materials in Giroux Glass’ San Bernardino, CA plant,” says Barbara Kotsos, director of marketing and PR. “The new addition, along with the installation of custom saw/feeders, will enhance our glazing projects and benefit our customers in several helpful ways.” Since last year, Giroux Glass has also notably become a Certified CENTRIA Dealer-Installer, expanding our services to provide product and installation over the geographic regions that include from Merced in Central California, south to the California-Mexican border, and the Southern half of the state of Nevada.

When it comes down to it, Lomedico says, “Giroux Glass is well-known for owning our niche of completing the most challenging and complex projects, not for handling the largest. What that gained us is a team of like-minded individuals who thrive on working with challenges and on the opportunity to be part of our collaborative team.” The Giroux team attributes much of the company’s success to its ability to evolve in the face of adversity. “Over the past 25 years of not only surviving, but growing from challenges in our industry—like the riots, earthquakes and the recession—our expertise has continually increased,” says Lomedico.