At the Corner of Respect and Integrity

What a colorful surprise awaited some of us in the Los Angeles office when we arrived at work on Monday morning!

Embellishing the wall at the reception area end of the hallway leading to the High-End Design team’s offices is a wonderful new mural that depicts our place in downtown Los Angeles. A stylized graphic in bold design and color, it represents both the creative side of the High-End team, as well as the youth and culture of Giroux’s multi-faceted downtown location. Different types of buildings included in the mural depict the variety of structures in which this team so often works: tenant improvement work in city high rises, storefronts in retail stores, enviable private residences.

Abraham Cinto referred an aquaintance to create the work–Julius Roches who is a local graffiti artist and student at Los Angeles Community College. Still a work in progress, he has spent over 25 hours painting so far, and hopes to complete it by next week. One remaining piece before it will be considered complete will be the nameplate that identifies the artist and the title of work by name. “At the Corner of Respect and Integrity” a sign post prominently featured in the piece not only serves as a focal point of the mural, it also demonstrates two of our corporate values which are important to this team, and to every one of our partners.

Please come by to check it out, next time you’re in the area!