T-Mobile Store Las Vegas

T-Mobile Store

Las Vegas

Project Scope and Description

The Las Vegas Strip’s T-Mobile store, located less than a mile away from the T-Mobile arena, is not your typical neighborhood electronics shop. The 9,000 square-foot space operates as T-Mobile’s first two-story, signature-style retail venture, designed to showcase the brand’s ethos as well as its products. In addition to the company’s usual wares, the store’s vibrant nightclub-esque ambiance also features a virtual reality display, photo booth, juice bar, and concierge ticket desk.

Creating this dynamic and unique retail experience for T-Mobile took the hard work of a large team of glaziers, architects, designers, and subcontractors but the results stand out—even by Las Vegas standards. 

Our Process

Given its wide scope, the number of vendors involved, and the degree of collaboration required to complete the design and installation , this project was a notable one for us. There were many different players, and we all worked together to bring T-Mobile’s vision for their showcase store to life.

One challenge we faced during the process was limited installation space, particularly for the exterior wall systems. To work around this, we chose to install all glazing systems using an overhead chain fall and power cups.

Communication, as usual, was also critical on this project. Specifically, our team needed to carefully coordinate with the steel contractor, who was not always on site. Design Assist became instrumental in ensuring the architects’ vision was effectively realized. Giroux worked very closely with the design team, attending early meanings and collaborations to get our systems approved and released according to schedule.

Our Partners

  • General Contractor: DC Building Group
  • Architect: Nadel Architecture
  • Ahern Rentals
  • Cintas
  • Electrostatic Painting, Inc
  • Engineering System Solutions   
  • Fasteners Inc
  • Hilti Inc
  • Las Vegas Welding, Llc
  • Mcfadden-Dale Hardware 
  • Mcmaster-Carr
  • Pk Delp Structural Engineering Llc  
  • Powder Coating Plus 
  • Smalley & Company 
  • Trulite Glass & Aluminum   


Glass Manufacturers

  • Gold Ray
  • Glasswerks
  • Innovative Structural Glass
  • Steel Structures


Metal Systems Manufacturers

  • Arcadia
  • Innovative Structural Glass
  • CR Laurence
  • American Metals