Circa Hotel and Resort

Project Overview

The Circa Hotel and Resort is a Las Vegas casino, hotel, and entertainment complex that opened in October 2020. The newest addition to Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, the 35-story hotel features 512 guest rooms, six bars, a two-story casino, and its signature “Stadium Swim” rooftop pool and screening venue. Giroux Glass was brought on by GC McCarthy to install the following: window wall and Panda Door system on the 35th floor; glass railing and pool balconies; mirrors and fluted glass in high limit areas; curtain wall, entrances, all-glass entrances, railing, and auto-sliding doors throughout the resort; and the acoustic studio pedestrian bridge.

Challenges and Solutions

We encountered a number of challenges throughout this project. COVID-19 was a major roadblock, both from a scheduling and procedural perspective. Learning to install systems while navigating new distance requirements was difficult, but we managed by enforcing strict mask and face shield protocols, and by doing our utmost to complete work quickly.

Our team also received 120 change orders on this project, which affected our scheduling and scope of work. In particular, the railing at the pool deck underwent many changes. Initially, the architect’s plans called for the railings to be installed after the installation of deck materials, however, this method failed to meet waterproofing and wind-proofing requirements. To remedy this, we installed the threaded rods of the railing prior to the deck’s materials. Once the rods and the deck were in place, we installed the glass.

Meeting the wind requirements for our Panda doors and curtain wall at the 35th floor was also a challenge. We ended up ordering thicker glass than was initially planned. The final measurements totaled 1-11/16 inches thick, 12 feet tall, and 56 inches wide. Finally, we had to expedite delivery of the Panda doors and curtain wall systems for the 35th floor in order for them to arrive in time to make the crane’s schedule.

Ultimately, the hard work was worth the effort. We are very happy with the results and are incredibly proud to have played a role in bringing this exciting new hotel to the Las Vegas skyline.