Downtown Los Angeles

Project Scope and Description

Unrivaled panoramic views of Los Angeles are now available to everyone thanks to 71Above, the fine-dining restaurant situated on the 71st floor of the U.S. Bank Tower.

The U.S. Bank Tower was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and completed in 1989. Its height of 1,018 feet made it the tallest building in the city of Los Angeles, the state of California, and west of the Mississippi for nearly 30 years. It was only recently surpassed by the new Wilshire Grand Center, erected in 2016.

Located on the top floor of the tower, the restaurant 71Above was conceived by renowned restaurateur Emil Eyvazoff, offering high-end cuisine served alongside astonishing views of the city. Giroux Glass was commissioned to realize the space's intricate 360-degree window design.

Our Process

At 71Above, Giroux Glass installed a total of 192 insulated glass units—roughly 3,000 square feet of glass—as well as 48 table-side vents, which diners can open to bring in a rush of fresh air and sounds of the city from far below.

The 360-degree windows also boast cutting-edge glass technology. Made of electrochromatic SageGlass, each window can be programmed to dynamically tint in three zones, controlling sunlight, heat absorption, and glare—no shades required.  In addition to making the environment more comfortable for diners without obstructing the restaurant's world-class views, this dynamic glass is able to block up to 91 percent of the solar heat, significantly reducing the energy expenditure required to run the space's HVAC system.

Our Union-certified Giroux Glass glaziers completed window installation in February 2016.

Despite some logistical challenges—the height of the building, its busy downtown location and the force of strong winter winds—our glaziers were able to work with the SageGlass team to complete this project ahead of schedule.

We are proud to see that the industry recognizes our accomplishment, the innovative technology of the SageGlass product, and the beauty of the end result.

“Working with glaziers Brandon, Drew, and Reuben was easy. Their level of professionalism, glazing knowledge, teamwork and work ethic encouraged me to write this testimonial. I wish I could say this about every team I work with.”
Matt Schreck, Architectural Solutions Project Specialist, SageGlass/Saint-Gobain

Our Partners

  • Architect: Tag Front
  • Active Aluminum Cladding Inc.
  • Alumicor
  • C & J Industries
  • C.R. Laurence
  • Century Building Solutions, Inc
  • Certified Enameling, Inc
  • Engineering System Solutions
  • Hsg Professional Window
  • Omnispan Corp
  • PRL Glass
  • Sage Glass
  • Smalley & Co
  • The Palos Co., Inc.