The San Bernardino Fabrication Facility

The San Bernardino, California-based fabrication plant was established in 2008 and has enabled our project managers to be integrally involved with the fabrication process of their jobs. Powered by solar panels, the facility was honored with the City’s “Environmental Award” in 2009.

Recent additions to both our qualifications and to our fabrication facility have empowered Giroux Glass to broaden our panel fabrication offerings to our customers. In early 2017, a new AXYZ International PANELBuilderTM was installed. It represents one more impressive piece of CNC (computer numerical control) equipment for fabricating aluminum composite and metal composite materials in Giroux Glass’ San Bernardino plant.

Beyond our providing the installation of these ACM panels, this machinery, along with several custom saws/feeders, provides the means to also fabricate any required panels in house, enhancing our glazing projects and benefitting our customers in several important ways:

  • Better pricing for the fabrication portion of the project: By eliminating any need to purchase from a separate fabrication company, savings can be passed along to general contractors and building owners.
  • Fewer bids required: General contractors installing complete (glass and panel) wall systems, need interact with only Giroux Glass, eliminating any need to source and collect bids from an additional subcontractor.
  • Timing: With tight deadlines always an issue, fabrication schedules can be accelerated as projects require, and not according to those of any outside companies. If just several pieces are unexpectedly needed for an ongoing job, that control of the schedule can ensure the project’s uninterrupted, smooth progress.
  • Accountability: Only one subcontractor would be accountable in the case of troubleshooting the source of any potential leaks, should a wall unit fail. Giroux Glass alone maintains responsibility for the integrity of the entire system.

PANELBuilder’s AXYZ Model 5018 is considered state of the art; it offers three heads and includes a printer, with a process area of 72” x 216”, and includes software to design, nest and program machine panels in one seamless operation. This makes it possible to process all types of cladding materials faster, more consistently and more cost effectively.

Later in 2017, Giroux Glass also became acertified dealer-installer of CENTRIA products. As a qualified member of the CENTRIA dealer network,this certification authorizes Giroux Glass as the one CENTRIA dealer-installer to provide product and installation over the vast geographic regions that include from Merced in Central California, south to the California-Mexican border, and the Southern half of the state of Nevada.

Known within the industry as a top quality supplier of panel systems, CENTRIA products’ reputation for excellence makes them a perfect fit for our company.With the combination of offering CENTRIA products and our own capabilities to fabricate panels and aluminum materials, we now provide our general contractors superior products as well as the installation for complete glass and panel wall systems.