COVID-19 Related Services

Since opening our doors in 1946, we at Giroux Glass have seen our fair share of emergencies, aiding in repair for damage caused by earthquakes, fires, burglaries and more. The COVID-19 crisis, however, presents us with a different type of challenge: one in which prevention rather repair is the key to safety. Fortunately, we’re poised and prepared to respond in each of our locations with these critical services, such as social distancing partitions, hands-free device installation, service window installation and security board-up.

In Need of Renovations? Now is the Time.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, offices, retail spaces, and other high-traffic areas are quieter than ever before. While these circumstances present many challenges, they also open up a unique opportunity for facility renovations and repairs. With fewer people populating workplaces and other commercial areas, crews can complete jobs more efficiently, without disrupting normal workflow or incurring overtime labor costs typically charged during off-peak hours. If you’ve been putting off necessary facility upgrades, now is the time to take care of them. As an essential business, Giroux Glass can provide renovations and repairs at this time.


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COVID-19 social distancing partitions

Our Services


    For businesses in operation, installing partitions to block off reception areas, spaces between desks, and open office floor plans can help enforce social distancing and protect workers from airborne germs.


    Eliminating high-touch surfaces like door handles can help to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. We can install new doors with hands-free push-bars or auto-matic opening mechanisms to minimize overall contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.


    An excellent solution for restaurants, retailers, and other businesses traditionally requiring face-to-face exchanges, service ‘pickup’ windows create a safety barrier between vendors and patrons while maintaining conditions for friendly, personal customer service.


    At this time, retail shops, restaurants, and first-floor offices are likely to be closed for months. Board-ups serve to hide valuable merchandise and protect storefront glass, making an effective deterrent against break-ins and vandalism.


    If you’ve been putting off necessary facility upgrades, now is the time to take care of them, including interior office and public spaces and exterior improvements.