The CAD Team

The Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Division at Giroux Glass provides a full range of drafting services to our customers in the glazing and metal finish trades. This expert team is headed by a talented graduate of USC’s School of Architecture, and collectively offers over 40 years of industry experience to each challenging design project.

This exceptional CAD team uses the latest software systems and innovative techniques to provide precision and accuracy to every drafting project. Creating precise drawings and providing superior service is our driving passion; we strive for accurate, error-free drawings, and boast a history of approvals on our first submissions to exacting agencies like OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) and DSA (Division of the State Architect).

Giroux Glass brings architects’ and contractors’ visions to life by producing the highest quality 3-D and metal fabrication drawings for the most intricate projects; CAD expertise is just one more facet in the diverse range of high-quality services that we deliver.

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Port of Long Beach, CA
Maintenance Building

The Giroux CAD team created the drawings, the first step in our installation of this unique exterior wall, which maintains a 9⁰-outward slope from the roofline to the ground.

“Salt Creek” Frameless Elevator Shaft and Glass Stairway
After being contacted by Architect, CJ Light, and GC, Andrew Williams, Giroux became an integral part of designing this award-winning “frameless” glass elevator shaft and stairwell at a beach-front property in Southern California. After extensive layout and planning, the Giroux in-house drafting department constructed a digital 3-D model of the entire area, which created the foundation upon which all components were ordered and fabricated.

Cantilevered Floating Stair,
Newport Beach, CA
The Giroux High-End Design and CAD teams collaborated closely to create designs, layouts and the final digital 3-D model prior to installation of this award-winning staircase (Most Innovative Interior Glass Project, Glass Magazine, 2011). Architect CJ Light’s client wanted a unique floating staircase to fit existing space constraints leading to his home’s wine cellar . The steel and structural components, stringer, and clamps were fabricated by P. Spillman, directly from the 3-D model shown here.