Structural and Specialty Glass Systems

Structural glass refers to frameless glass assemblies that are installed within a building’s structural support to bear some degree of weight. The load a given glass element can support depends on its placement within the structure, the shape, size, and thickness of the glass, and its function within the overall design. 



There are many unique ways quality glazing can enhance the appearance of a building while contributing to its structural resilience. Features like glass façades, glass canopy, skylights, glass flooring and staircase systems; handrails, and beyond combine form with function, providing beauty and natural light along with architectural support. However, to carry out their functions safely and effectively, such elements must be installed and maintained by experienced glazing professionals. Giroux Glass has maintained its stalwart reputation since 1946, performing countless installations of high-performance glass for businesses, private residences, educational facilities, and beyond. 



Bring decades of experience to your next glass project.

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