Glass Walls, Doors and Partitions

Glass walls, doors and partitions provide beautiful, effective solutions for retaining balance and brightness within a space. When installed as the barrier separating interiors and exteriors, glass walls and doors merge the sanctuary and comfort of the indoors with the freshness, light, and beauty of nature. When used to separate interior spaces, these installations enhance dynamism and create areas of refuge without diminishing the brightness and clarity of their surroundings. 


Giroux Glass’ expertise includes hinged glass doors, bi-fold systems, sliding doors, pocket doors, folding walls, fixed panels, floor-to-ceiling windows, glass cubicles, and more. With their beauty and clarity, these installations make a welcome addition to a wide range of residential and commercial environments, including retail spaces, offices, hotels and restaurants, corporate headquarters, healthcare and educational facilities, museums, art centers, public service institutions, and beyond.



Bring decades of experience to your next glass project.

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