Doors and Hardware

Giroux Glass has been installing doors, door hardware, and entryway glazing for decades, and our experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the vast array of options available on the market.

Whether your building requires interior or exterior doors, heavy-duty closers, security door systems with advanced locking hardware, fire/life safety equipment or manual closers, our team has the skill, knowledge, and expertise to handle any system. We are well-versed in building code regulations, including requirements for ADA compliance, as well as those unique to schools, healthcare facilities, sports arena, government buildings, and commercial settings. We have installed opening and closure systems of every size in a broad array of materials, including (but not limited to) metal, glass, and wood, with an extensive range of attractive, yet secure accessories and finishes.

Our expert glaziers are also well-versed in the customizable applications that further protect and strengthen doors and entryways from heat, cold, noise, and other environmental concerns. We’re able to install doors, entryways, and hardware that has been designed and manufactured with insulated and reinforced materials without sacrificing simplicity or grace. We are here to oversee door and entryway projects from their initial concept through successful completion, and we work alongside architects and designers to execute their unique vision to our high standard of quality and efficiency.

Our extensive door, entryway, and hardware capabilities result from our extensive experience with these products, and detailed planning. On every project, we work to ensure that the final product exceeds our customers’ expectations, from the choice of materials and components through state-of-the-art manufacturing and skilled installation.


Bring decades of experience to your next glass project.

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