September 25, 2015

Nike Store at the Grove, Los Angeles

Project Facts: General Contractor: David A. Nice Builders, Inc. Architects: TVA Architects, Inc. and the Nike design team Our Task: To install 5,200 square feet of glass in two weeks, before the September 10th grand opening. Suppliers: Glaspro, Accurate Glass, Novum Glass and Triview Glass. Special thanks to our union glaziers who worked hours of overtime, including over Labor Day weekend, to make this project a reality for our clients. Because of their committment, Nike gifted each of our men with gift cards as a very generous and heartfelt thank you. Alan Shook (Superintendent), Sean Hosmer (Foreman), Alex Barrios, Drew Esquer, Ernie Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Ruben [...]
May 12, 2015

Fun Things We Can Do with Glass Walls!

Something really cool that Mic Patterson brought up when I heard him speak at Glass Expo West, in Irvine back in March, was this fun and rather amazing project designed by Gensler and installed by Cupples: How innovative and entertaining can a glass wall GET? On the 94th floor of the 100-story John Hancock Center in Chicago is a fascinating example.  From street level, you can look up, waaaaay up, and see a section of the building with a bunch of people inside, tipping forward towards street level below.  It’s called “Tilt,” a big draw at 360 Chicago, the former [...]
April 16, 2015

Interesting Points About ‘The Future of Glass in the Building Skin’

I recently attended the seminar entitled “The Future of Glass in the Building Skin,” presented by Mic Patterson, Director of Strategic Planning for Enclos, at Glass Expo West in Irvine.  A fascinating and highly-engaging speaker, Mic has written and talked for years on the subject and kept everyone’s attention for almost 90 minutes – not typically an easy feat at the end of a several-day Expo. Among a few of the things he mentioned that I found to be most interesting are that there are two buildings located in Midtown Manhattan, NY, considered to be glass building icons. They started an [...]