Giroux Glass is a successful glazing company with a long history of accomplishments that make every partner proud. Giroux is respected in the Industry as being the top-quality glazing provider on architecturally significant buildings, hotels and residences throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The word “partner” is used rather than “employee” at Giroux, because it is a proud ESOP company. That means each and every team member takes personal pride in contributing to and benefitting from the company’s success. It’s a work environment that encourages every partner to share his or her creative ideas to keep the company successful and innovative, in alignment with the Giroux Core Values.

Giroux cares about its partners in a way that few companies do – and that’s reflected in our repeated rankings on multiple “Best Companies” lists and the fact that our average employee tenure is about 15 years. Giroux seeks to hire experienced and enthusiastic candidates who will be the right fit with its corporate culture, because once you’re a part of the team, you’re a part of the Giroux family.